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No matter the size of your project, we have a service that can help you get that peaceful energy you want for your home.   

Explore our services and see how we can help you make
your home a wellness oasis!

Our Services

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Hiring an interior designer is a luxury service that you give to yourself and your family that will have a tremendous impact on how well you live your life in your home for years to come.  


Our clients understand how a peaceful and beautiful home is essential to their wellbeing and want us to help them make the right decisions to make that happen.  Every detail must be considered and evaluated for how it will impact not only you, but also the overall design plan, so that it is cohesive and avoids that "patched together" look.  

We love working with clients who listen with an open mind and who give us their feedback. Positive and professional collaboration is essential for any level of service that you choose because it will make the experience all the more better for everyone. 

Whether you’re doing an extreme remodel or just a cosmetic update, our holistic interior decor and design services can help you put together a home that is beautiful, has great energy and has a positive effect on your whole family.


No matter if it is one room or the whole house, we would love to hear about your project!  Schedule a free Discovery Phone Call to find out which service is the right one for your project and budget.


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The cost to design each room, manage the project and buy the furnishings to fill it depends on the size of the room, the use of the room, complexity from a design perspective, and the quality of the furnishings you desire.

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Free Discovery Call: Let's Get To Know Each Other and Learn About Your Project!

Before you work with a designer, you should allow yourself time to ask questions and get to know each other because a great project begins with a great relationship.  

Our Free Discovery Call is:
~ When you to tell us more about the "pain points" you are having with your project.
~ When you to tell us more about how you want your home to help you acheive wellness.
~ When we to get to know your lifestyle and how you want your space to function and feel.
~ When we learn about your timeline, project scope and budget.
~ When we both see if we are the right fit for your project.
~ When we set up a day and time to begin helping you find that peace of mind and spirit!

Investment: Free Half-Hour Phone Call

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Ruby Package:  I Just Need a Little Help and Guidance from You!

Do you have a room or space in your home that just doesn't feel right and want to know how to remedy that?  With our Ruby package, we will do an assessment of what is right and wrong about your space, and give you on-the-spot ideas that can transform the energy and feeling so that you start enjoying your home!  Ask as many questions as you want during our time together and add more time if needed as your project goes forward! 


Some of the ways you can use the Ruby package are:

~ Have us do our exclusive Home Wellness Assessment to understand where you can make improvements to your home's energetic feeling right away with professional advice about how to incorporate aspects of feng shui, biophilia, sustainability and non-toxic living into your home for optimal wellness.

~Discover how color can impact your mood with our Color and Pattern Consultation so you make the right choices at the start of a re-decorating project.

~Get help selecting the right art work so that you create the feeling you want in your space.

~ Get clarity for an upcoming decorating or renovation project you're thinking about but don't know how to start, including creating a budget and questions to ask contractors.

~ For vacation home owners or business owners, we can assess your property’s strengths and weaknesses to create a plan for improving your guests and client's experiences.

~ And if you are thinking of selling your home, we turn this time together into a Home Staging Consultation, where by making a space feel and look better, you find your ideal buyer and get it sold as quickly and for the best price.

Investment: $175 for up to 2 hours of design and decorating support and advice;

Add additional hours if needed, or create a retainer for larger projects that you can use when you need in the minute help in making decisions.

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Emerald Package:  Create a Design For Me and I'll Do It!

Are you new to the wellness lifestyle but need a cohesive and comprehensive plan from a professional and are happy to implement it yourself  at your own pace?  With our Emerald package, we learn about how you live, work and play and how you want your room to feel and function. We design a room and create a decorating scheme that identifies the best colors, furnishings, rugs, lighting, window treatments and art to give you a beautiful room you will love.  And, we will always work with whatever you already have that you love whenever possible!  This can be an E-Design service if you do not live in the area or would rather the project be handled remotely.

In our Emerald package you will receive:
~ An initial site meeting to identify how you want your room to look, feel and function and discuss your budget.
~ A personalized decorating and design plan that brings it all together.
~ Up to two revisions of your favorite plan, if needed.
~ A list of items in the final plan and exact sources for you to buy the items from.
~ Room layout, artwork and window treatment instructions.
~ Instructions for your contractors and trades about colors, placement, and other design details.
~ Up to one hour of phone or email support for you when you are ready to pull your room together.

Investment: We use a flat rate based on square footage, scale and luxury level desired to calculate our design fee.  Does not include furnishings or project management.

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Sapphire Package:  Do It All For Me, I Don't Have The Time!

Let us take the hassles and headaches of managing and implementing your holistic design and decorating project so you can carry on with your  busy life!  Our Sapphire package is the ultimate in stress free design.  This full luxury service and the best option for people who don't live nearby or don't have the time for the designing, sourcing, phone calls, meetings, details, people, vendors involved, but do want to have some input to make sure that their needs and likes are considered by having a 1:1 relationship with a designer who really listens to their goals.

In this service we will:
Take care of the ordering, tracking, and receiving and storage of the items from your design.
~ Work with contractors, trades, architects and builders to make  sure the integrity of the plan is upheld.
~ Install all your items and style your space for an amazing reveal day you will never forget!  
~ Follow up in the end to resolve any little issues, defects and damage that inevitably happen.

Investment: We use a combination of flat rate fees and hourly project management fees based on the scale, scope and luxury level of your desired design. 

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In the end, the thing that will ensure your ultimate satisfaction with your design is the service experience you have with your designer.

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