Hiring an Interior Designer: A Recipe for Success!

Many years ago when I was just married, I wanted to make Lobster Thermidor. I was a new bride and a new cook, so I thought I would impress my husband with my budding culinary skills. Eating at a fancy restaurant wasn't part of the budget, but I wanted to have an expensive dish, so thought I could save money by doing it myself.

I remember reading the recipe carefully, gathering up the ingredients, and then taking a Sunday afternoon to put it together. And that's when the trouble started! I had never taken lobster tail out of the shell before, so the shell broke, and if you can see from the photo above, the tail needs to stay intact for presentation. It didn't get any better when I overcooked the lobster and it was tough. The sauce was complicated and I felt stressed when trying to make it come together. Sadly, it looked nothing like the cookbook picture or the picture in my head. I served it with a bright smile, hoping he had never had the dish before so that he wouldn't see how off the mark it was!

We ate it, and it wasn't horrible, but I then realized then that there are times that despite how confident you feel about doing something, if you want the best result, it might be best to leave it to someone who has perfected it and enjoy it that way.

I think designing and decorating your home is a bit like cooking: There are some things that are easy and become your specialties and your go-to dishes. But then a dish comes along that has so many ingredients, so many steps, so many things to watch out for, that you have a choice of either A) Doing it yourself and living with the results, for good or bad, or B) Going to a restaurant and letting someone who has hours, if not years, of training and experience to serve you with an outstanding dish to die for.

When you hire an interior designer, you are hiring someone who is like that well trained chef: She understands the complexities of the project, the best places to source the best materials for the job, the things to keep an eye on, how to orchestrate a team to get it done, and the ability to combine everything to create a masterpiece that is to die for.

There will be times you CAN do it yourself decorating and designing your own home. I think it is silly for someone to feel the need to call up a designer just because they want to pick out a new throw or accessory. But when the project scope involves multiple pieces, layers, textures, finishes, art, textiles, a designer is the pro you need to give you that look and feel you wanted without having to go the pain and time of trying to figure it all out.

Think about your next project- is it a simple dish like Mac n' Cheese or is it a Lobster Thermidor? If it's more of a Lobster Thermidor, then give me a call and let me help you serve up a tasteful and beautiful room. You will be glad you did!