A healthy body and sound mind are at the core of human vitality...   

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Our Motto:
Your Wellness Journey Starts at Home

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A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.

- the Dalai Lama- 

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Our Design Process

According to Architectural Digest, an Interior Design survey reveals that 69 percent of clients are “extremely” or “very” willing to invest in a wellness-promoting space.  Designing your space with wellness in mind shouldn't be a mysterious or scary process!  With Salt Flower Studio,  you are going to work with someone who listens to you, is professional, enjoys collaboration and you can trust.  We want to know what wellness means to you and show you ways you might not have considered are important to designing your home for optimal nurturing of your mind, body and spirit.

But, for any project to run smoothly, timely, and within budget, there should be systems and processes that support how the project is handled and the communication with all parties involved: client, trades, contractors and designer.   We feel that these are essential to enjoying the experience of working with a designer, and they will have a huge impact on the final design.  

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Phase 1: The Function

Our process starts with function because if the space layout, organization and storage are not meeting your needs or getting you more of what you want from your space, then no matter how pretty it looks, it won't bring you the peaceful  home you are looking for.
We carefully listen to how your family lives currently in the space, how you want to live in the space in the future, and then look at how the home environment is either supporting or detracting from your goals for how you want to live.  We also work with architects and tradespeople at the beginning of a project to make sure  your needs and likes are part of their plan.

Phase 2: The Feel

Once we know how the space will function, we will dig deep into how you want your space to feel.  We aim for feeling, rather than choosing a particular style, because we want your space to transcend both time and trends so that you are happy with it for many years to come.  

Our discovery process is extensive, with a questionnaire that peels back the people, places and things that bring you joy, what kinds of feelings you want your home to evoke in you, your family, and your guests, and how your home is or is not currently supporting that vision.   Our goal is to "get you", and how you want to live, play, work and relax.

We then take all that information back to the design studio and create moodboards that capture the feeling you want to achieve and make sure that it captures how you want your space to feel.  


Phase 3: The Finish

The finish stage is where we do our magic!  For the best experience, our full project service handles the entire project for you, from start to finish, so you don't have to be bothered with all the hassles that often come with any design project. We meet with contractors, trades and architects, create the design, source all the items for the design, order, receive and inspect the furniture, art and accessories, and then do the final installation for an exciting reveal.

If you do not want a full service project and just want a design board with a shopping list, we can provide that too!  We give you all you need to finish the job including detailed instructions for pulling the room together.  If you need additional help in finishing your project, just ask and we can work out a custom package for you!