I created Salt Flower Studio to continue my passion of creating beautiful and joyful spaces that make you feel restored and renewed... 

...just like you feel when you are on vacation! 

About Salt Flower Studio

Florie Reber Principal Designer and Owner Salt Flower Studio

"I am going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life!"

-Elsie de Wolfe

I have always been a creative spirit and artist since childhood, constantly finding ways to make our family home and gardens more beautiful. 

Although design and art have always been part of my life, I also love teaching and helping people, which led me to the education field.  I graduated with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida and enjoyed a long career leading schools and transforming them into wonderful places for children and families to be.

I still find joy working with children and families at my other business, Yellow Bird Studio, where you will still find me teaching an art class or two!  

I saw how the power of good design in my educational spaces had an impact on the experience of the people who visited and spent time in them, enhancing their moods, providing them with a good balance of relaxation and stimulation.  

My background gives me a unique perspective on design and decor: the art of telling the story of the space and the people in it that truly make it a special and joyful place to be.


Because I am so passionate about the power of a beautiful space to improve our lives and because I still deeply enjoy being of service to people, I created Salt Flower Studio to bring more joy to more people directly where they spend the most time: their home.  

A Little Bit More...

As a lifelong Floridian who has always lived on some kind of water, I am a natural fit for people wanting a designer who can bring the laid-back lifestyle one finds near the water to their spaces. 


My favorite style is "Coastal Cottage" because of my love for the tranquility of the sea and the intimacy, color and texture of a cottage garden home.  That's where the name "Salt Flower" originated!  Think cozy Hamptons with a dash of traditional British-West Indies and some colorful Key West.  


My interiors are family focused, with carefully chosen items that hold up to a busy modern life, but still display refinement and style.  I am drawn to creating spaces that are cozy, yet open and bright, knowing how to strike a balance between keeping it clean and simple, yet leaving room for soul and story through color, texture, pattern and accessories.  Nature and natural elements always have a place in my design as I try to bring the outdoors in to create spaces that are relaxing and restorative.


But ultimately, it is always finding out what kind of space makes my clients feel they are at their favorite vacation destination, real or imagined, that makes each of my projects a unique piece of living art!

I am a big believer in ongoing education and have taken many courses and hold certifications in several areas of design, decor and home staging so that I can provide the very best experience for my clients.  But nothing beats the ability of an eye that has a natural talent for the art of interior design, one I have been honing since I was 11 years old!

I live in a 1984 single story ranch on a lake in Odessa, Florida with my husband, teenage son, and three crazy dogs.  Our home needs a fair share of updating, so home improvement projects and gardening keep me busy when I am not designing for my clients or teaching an art class at Yellow Bird Studio in South Tampa.  

I would love to learn more about YOU, so give me a call or shoot me an email- I know that together we can make your home story come to life!

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