Fusing nature and beauty to create a holistic home... 

...that nurtures and restores you inside and out 


About Salt Flower Studio

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"The name of my studio captures the spirit of my approach: Salt represents wellness, essential for our body, flower represents beauty, essential for our spirit and studio is that creative place where the magic happens."

I have always been a creative spirit and artist since childhood, constantly finding ways to make our family home and gardens more beautiful.  I went to school to become a teacher, but wound up specializing in creating educational spaces that enhanced not only learning, but joy, to children, teachers and families.  I saw how the power of good design enhanced everyone's moods, providing them with a balance of harmony and stimulation.  

A love for nature, houses and the people who live in them motivated me to move on to study environmental psychology and interior design, because I want to be able to help you understand how your home environment has such a tremendous impact on your life.  I combine my training in Eastern and Western approaches to look at our spaces such as biophilia, Feng Shui, color psychologyspace organizing, sustainability, and "green" non-toxic living to design a personal, healthy and restorative space you will love for years to come.

Because I believe beautiful spaces that are designed with wellness in mind improve our lives, I created Salt Flower Studio to bring more joy to more people directly where they spend the most time: their home. 

About our Design Philisophy...

We believe that nature is the best healer.  We draw our inspiration from nature, including natural elements into our designs to create a space that is a balance between uplifting and serene.


We do not chase trends, but instead, we listen carefully to the needs and likes of our clients, creating a space that inspires them and tells their story, which puts our client at the heart of our design process. 


We are happy to consider using or repurposing what the client owns to minimize our impact on natural resources and their budget.  We try to "tread lightly" on the planet whenever we can because a healthy planet is good for everyone!

We believe in slow design, carefully considering factors such as light, the seasons, the environment, sustainability, which may mean a longer time frame than "fast" design firms who aim to turn over clients and products quickly.

We are artisans who believe in the positive power of creativity, not the standardization of spaces, seeking out the rare, the thoughtful and the beautiful for our clients.  Bringing the ethos of craftsmanship and love into our design means that all the details are considered and to work until it feels just right.

At the same time, we believe classic principles of good design hold everything together, such as scale, symmetry, proportion, color, and more.  

We believe that design and decorating is a path to creating a space that nurtures the people in it, enriching their human experience and joy.  

Salt Flower Studio designed spaces encourage you to slow down and appreciate each object in your home and not consume for the purpose of having.  For that reason, we strive to create the timeless space that makes you happy for years to come.

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Salt Flower Studio design element